Section 5 : there are no or few signs at present between the northern end of Maslin Beach and the southern end of Moana Beach. Please follow path at the edge of the beach, the beach, and rocks near the edge, over this 1.2 km stretch which can be quite challenging.Do not go up onto the cliff which is a conservation area and culturally sensitive.Look out for the marked hooded plover sites. Please refer to Section 5 description.
Section 5: Coast to Vines Rail Trail closed at Main South Rd underpass 9 am-4.30pm between 21/2 and 11/3  and 7am -6.30pm 12/3 and 15/3. Walkers must detour via Pedler Rd, Main South and Griffiths Drive during these periods.
Section 7: there is water up to 650mm (12/2/24) in Peters Creek where the trail crosses.Water may be there for some months although the flow has stopped as measured at downstream guage. Please refer to Section 7 description for advice about wading and options to break this section in two when wading is either not possible or not desired.


SECTION 5: Maslin Beach to McLaren Vale

12.8 km Moderate Hike, Grade 3


FROM: Car park at southern end of Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach, SA 5170

TO: McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Coast Information Centre, McLaren Vale, SA 5171

Start the walk from the section end post at the southern end of Gulf Pde.  Walk up the road and turn left to a cliff path with a great outlook. Follow this path through to the next car park at Frank Hilton Reserve where a sealed path crosses a bridge and leads down to the beach. 

From here, it is a beautiful 3.6km walk along the coast. Check for tides as this walk should not be attempted at very high tides. A wide sandy beach leads to a rock wall. Crossing this you will soon be rounding Ochre Point. The beach is rocky, and there are beautiful cliffs and much of geological interest. Keep close to the landward side of the beach where the going is made easier by a small path below the cliffs. Sometimes you will have to clamber over rocks. Do not be tempted to go inland or up one of the many gullies; this is fragile conservation land with great heritage value. Cross a small beach, more rocks and another stretch of the little path below the cliffs and you will eventually come to Moana Sands beach, another wide sandy beach. In due course you come to the estuary of Pedler Creek. Cars are allowed on the last 800m of this beach.

Just past the Pedler Creek estuary, turn into a beach access walkway and come out below a 3-storey residential building. Turn right, away from the facilities of Moana Sands, and enter a path with Pedler Creek on the right and houses and Moana Sands Caravan Park on the left. This path brings you to Nashwauk Cres. Turn right and follow the shared use path on the south side, crossing to the north side just before the intersection with Commercial Rd. Cross this busy road and walk up Dalkeith Rd on the north side for 200m to a bridge where you cross to enter the Dalkeith wetland. 

This managed wetland is a lovely peaceful area adjacent to Pedler Creek, with lots of birdlife. The trail makes its way alongside and between ponds and continues on a path through the Pedler or Kityparri Reserve. Look out for a post directing you off the path to the left and up a grassy slope. At the top turn right along an old fire track with the houses of Seaford Rise beside you on your left. Follow this track for 500m until you reach an old gate. Slip through here, turn slightly left up a slope. Notice the works, commenced in 2022, that are going on ahead and right, to duplicate Main South Rd and Pedler Bridge. Follow the path northwards alongside the property fences until you intersect with a shared use path.

Turn right on this path, the Coast to Vines Trail, built on the old railway line and soon you go under Main South Rd. You follow this trail all the way to McLaren Vale (4.5km) walking through a valley formed by Pedler Creek. Keep to the left and look out for fast cyclists; there are 4 places where signs indicate you can loop off the shared path onto quiet paths for walkers on softer ground. 

Finally, go under Victor Harbor Rd (the other arterial road which crosses the Basin) and follow the shared use path around to the Visitor Information Centre, where there are many facilities as well as local information. The path follows beside Pedler Creek which you have been near since Moana. The Section end post is on a large Council totem close to the intersection of the Coast to Vines Trail (also known here as the Shiraz Trail), with Main Rd, McLaren Vale. 


Car parking:

  • large car park and access to the beach at southern end of Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach
  • large car park at the McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Coast Information Centre, McLaren Vale 

Beach walking:

  • 3.6 km beach walking is part of the route between Frank Hilton Reserve, Maslin Beach and Moana
  • Check for high tides before walking on beach


  • dogs on lead 10am-8 pm during daylight savings between Ochre Pt and Moana
  • look out for Hooded Plovers: dogs on lead within 100m of any sign on the beach and prohibited within 100 m of any nesting site which is fenced or has bunting
  • dogs on lead on Coast to Vines (aka Shiraz Trail), a shared use trail


Onkaparinga River National Park


When planning a walk please check local weather conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable experience CHECK LOCAL WEATHER 

Fire Danger Ratings

The Trail is closed when the Fire Danger rating is Extreme or Catastrophic. These are Total Fire Ban Days; most likely to occur between the first of November and April. The Trail is in District 2 Mt. Lofty Ranges FIRE DANGER RATINGS


When planning to walk along the beach (Section, 3,4 & 5) it is important to check predicted height and timing of the local tides to ensure access to the beach. CHECK TIDES