Willunga Basin Trail


Section 9:

The Range to the foothills near McLaren Flat

11.6km hard hike Grade 4

The route follows along the Range before looping into the Kuitpo area. Returning to the Range by the Adams Gully Scrub the trail descends Thomas Hill Rd, crosses a paddock, traverses the lovely Saverbier reserve and descends steeply with a chain to assist. The last half kilometre brings you to Edwards URR and a choice of Section 11 across the Basin with car parking 400 m away at the end of Brightview Brae or Section 10 to Willunga. The views are outstanding.

Dogs should be on a lead at all times between Thomas Hill Rd and Brightview Brae: there is private property with stock grazing and a reserve with native flora and fauna.

FROM Wickham Hill Rd and Toops Hill Rd (some parking here)

TO Edwards and Hamilton URRs (car parking 400 metres to the north at the end of Brightview Brae)

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From the section end post head south along Wickhams Hill Road. For the first ½ kilometre follow a path which keeps you mainly away from the road through native vegetation. Then there is a 2km stretch of road walking along Range Rd with vegetation on both sides and peeping views of the Basin to the west and Kuitpo to the east.

Turn left onto the quieter Badgers road which swings into the Kuitpo farming area and comes to Adams Gully Rd. Here turn right onto a public track through the Adams Gully Scrub, a forested area used by horse riders on the Kidman Trail. Adams Gully Rd continues for another kilometre to reach a junction with Range Rd and Thomas Hill Rd.

Go straight ahead on Thomas Hill Rd for some 750 m before turning left between two dams to cross a stile into a paddock. This is an easement across private land and we ask you to respect the privilege by keeping dogs on a lead and staying within 3 metres of the fence. The stile at the end of the easement takes you into the Saverbier Reserve which is fenced on both sides to start with. Further down follow the signs and bush path to stay within the reserve and to minimise disturbance to the lovely native bush. Note that the old track wanders in and out of the unmade road reserve and we are only able to follow it in part.

At the next stile you cross into private land for 150m. Again make sure you stay with 5 metres of the fence and keep your dog on a lead. There is a very steep slope here; the ‘Chain Walk’, a structure of 33 posts linked by chain, can be used as a hand rail on both descent and ascent. On reaching the bottom go through the gate and follow the path through another gate to the section end post. Here, Section 10 goes left to Willunga and Section 11 goes right to the Onkaparinga River National Park, with car parking 400m away at the end of Brightview Brae.