Willunga Basin Trail Inc


A Brief History

The concept of a hiking trail to circle the Willunga Basin arose from a letter from Aldinga Bay Resident’s Association, in 2009, in part stating

“The broad term ‘Willunga Basin’ keeps cropping up in conversation with various groups in relation to development etc. Our committee has asked me to try to have this clarified.”

The committee of the Friends of Willunga Basin considered that a walk around the basin would clearly define its boundaries. Initially seen as an activity for its members, it was realised that the idea would have appeal to the community as large and strong support was expressed by the Mayor and senior staff at the City of Onkaparinga. A proposal was put as a submission to the Recreational Trails Strategy and Action Plan 2007-2012. Although not part of a Strategic Management Plan, a commitment to consideration of keeping the nominated unmade road reserves in public ownership was made by Council at the time.

To enable decisions about the route described in the submission a small core of dedicated walkers was actively exploring the Willunga Basin and had been gaining membership because of the trail- blazing nature of the walks and the fun of discovering unmade road reserves. This group, the Basin Trail Action Group (BTAG), after realising that it may take over a quarter of a century for the trail to become a reality, made a deputation to City of Onkaparinga asking that the trail be included in the Trails and Cycling Strategic Management Plan, and that the Willunga Basin Trail be established by BTAG. Thus, with a change of name, on 3 March 2016, Willunga Basin Trail Inc, was born.

The journey from concept up to establishment has been many hours of hard work. Way pointing, costings, grant submissions, liaison with Local and State Government, training and trail design are on-going as we establish and maintain this wonderful project for the benefit of anyone who loves and participates in walking.

Willunga Basin Trail Inc

This is the group which manages the establishment, promotion and maintenance of the Trail. The committee meets each month and there is an AGM once a year around July.

Members are eligible to nominate for election to the committee, are kept informed on the progress of the Trail and can contribute to its planning and raising of funds. They can also volunteer for hands-on work in design, construction and maintenance. The membership includes supporters, volunteers and walkers.

 For further information about Willunga Basin Trail Inc please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Willunga Basin Walkers

Walks are held each Friday on the Trail, in the local area, and in neighbouring regions.

You are invited to join us. The first 2 walks are free; thereafter we require membership of Willunga Basin Trail Inc.

The  walks program is emailed quarterly and walks are posted weekly on our facebook page.

Supported by:

 Government of South Australia through – Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing – Department of Environment and Water